Positive Emotions

The First Pillar of a Flourishing Life

Part 1: Positive Psychology 
This is the first of an 8 part, life changing, practical series.  Its goal is to teach the theories and the tools of Positive Psychology, which has been scientifically proven to increase your happiness factor and boost your job performance. It will increase your zest for life, productivity, creativity, innovation, and job satisfaction. 

This seminar traces the history of Positive Psychology and positivity from ancient times to modern day science including a look at Pop Psychology and The Self Help Myths. The science of emotions and their effect on our work and personal lives are explained. 

Part 2: Cognitive Distortions
Cognitive Distortions (Mind Chatter and Belief Systems) and their effect on our positivity are explored. Are your thoughts helping or hurting your life? Tools to transform negative mind chatter into positive thoughts and emotions are prescribed; techniques to challenge your negative belief systems are taught.. 

Part 3: Change & Resiliency
Can our brains change? Can our brains be rewired through Neuroplasticity? What can and can’t we change with positivity? How can I better deal with adversity: how do I bounce back? These questions are answered in this seminar and tools are provided to help deal with change and adversity. 

Part 4: Self Esteem and Our View of the World
Self esteem and its role in happiness, success, achievement and positive relationships. Having the confidence and belief in your right to be successful and happy. Test yourself to see where you need to hone your skills. This seminar also looks at how our distorted view of ourselves and the world can derail our positivity.