Often referred to as Recruiting, Placement, Search, or Headhunting, staffing services break down into three catagories: Sourcing, Recruiting, and Screening. We provide all of these services as a package for a percentage of the selected candidate’s first year's compensation or individually on an hourly basis.


Intelligent Sourcing is not the act of getting a list of names from a directory or a batch of resumes from a job board. Intelligent sourcing is following the leads from reputable sources to compile a list of candidates viewed by their peers to be above the norm in the skills and qualities required for a particular position. Our consultants have the skills and experience to perform “intelligent sourcing”.


All great recruiters have strong "social intelligence"; including the ability to glean from a conversation with a candidate the often subtle deficiencies in their work or personal lives. And more importantly, how to help a candidate find their true metier.


The "Match Making" skill. The ability to determine through interviewing, testing, background checking, and knowledge of the client's corporate culture whether a candidate can make a positive difference to our client's organization. All of our consultants have years of experience in the Staffing Process including screening.