Why Choose Us

'A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.' - von Goethe

Numerous studies have proven that positive employees are more productive employees. Positive employees are more creative, more willing to take on new tasks, and are more likely to be team players.

Our company was built by founders and employees with the strengths that we look for in our candidates; positivity, integrity, honesty, and productivity. Our founders have extensive experience and wisdom in all facets of the staffing industry dating back to the original formation of Truex Associates in 1983.  Our knowledge and skill in sourcing and recruiting can help you find the right candidate for your open position; candidates that not only have the skills required but also a positive attitude that promotes creativity and teamwork.

If you have ever tried to make a living as a recruiter, you would understand the inconvenient truths about recruiting. You will also realize that the failure rate among recruiters is excessively high (80-90% according to recent studies.) To be a successful recruiter, one must possess five talents that are not taught in college, or available in any educational software packages (although having a college education and compounding that knowledge with the appropriate software makes the business simpler for those possessing the right traits!). 

The five talents are:

Sourcer - Employees with the sourcer trait have the ability to follow a lead from one respected source to another, until a list of qualified and respected candidates is developed. A sourcer is someone who can do more than merely looking at a list or a directory of names from a website.

Social Intelligence - is an important talent that cannot be taught. Consultants with high social intelligence have the ability to notice differences among their candidates, especially with respect to their moods, temperament, motivations, and intentions, and then they are able to act upon these distinctions. Social intelligence is the ability to glean from a conversation with a candidate the subtle strengths in their work or personal lives.  

Screener – Interviewing techniques can be taught, but the ability to drill down to the authentic core of a candidate requires a certain DNA which all our great recruiters and consultants possess.

Emissary – All great recruiters utilize their social intelligence and understand the uniqueness of their client’s company culture and specific needs. Not all talented candidates are right for every client. Pushing a candidate for a job that they are unfit for to make a placement is a shot live success. ‘Do right by the client and success will follow’ is the code of ethics all Truex Métier employees follow and adhere to. 

Positive Thinker – Positive people are more creative, more open to new ideas, more productive, and are more willing to do more. They also make great recruiters. They know how to source and attract positive candidates, just like them.

The founders of Truex Métier have these talents and have been using them for 30 years. They also developed a training program to teach the teachable skills to many recruiters, many of whom are still successful and in the business today.