Our Approach

Truex Métier's Process Represents a Paradigm Shift in Staffing.

Our approach is simple, we hire employees that our clients want to hire – talented, positive, and honest. Whether our consultants come to us with or without prior experience, we guide each and every one of them to follow the best practice model of recruiting. This training and guidance include the requirement of completing a course in Positive Psychology.

Utilizing our best practice model and state of the art software, our consultants will source, recruit, screen, and interview candidates to find the best-qualified and best-fit candidates for you.

Upon recruiting qualified candidates, these individuals will be assessed and must complete our positivity questionnaires. We evaluate these results and compare them to the norms established by our client’s successful employees. Candidates who do not fall within the acceptable range of positivity will not advance in the hiring process. Only the most successful candidates will be presented to our clients. This ensures that our clients will only receive the best of the best applicants, as well as guaranteeing the fit.

Since character and integrity are just as important and essential as positivity, once our client express interest in a candidate, we will perform a background check. We will discuss the result of this background check prior to the offer of employment is made to the candidate.

For a nominal fee, our clients can request any potential employee, regardless of source, to be vetted through our process.

Our “Positivity” screening are also offered to our clients’ existing employees. Clients’ employees that scores below the positivity norm can be enrolled in our Positivity Training Program that guarantee perceptible improvement in positivity and productivity. Employees who do not show improvements may need to find a position more suited to their attitude and temperament.