The Inconvenient Truths About Talent Acquisition

'We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.' - John Naisbitt

All Human Resource professionals understand the inconvenient truths about the hiring and staffing process:

  1. The best resume seldom comes from the best candidate
  2. The Internet, Job Boards, Craigslist, Indeed, and the economy have created an avalanche of resumes
  3. A flow of resumes does not mean a flow of qualified candidates
  4. Positive, productive, effective, and successful employees are not scouring the job boards daily 
  5. The Internet has made it easier to recruit YOUR employees
  6. There is no App for what we do
  7. A.I. may save the world from thermal nuclear destruction but it can’t determine attitude, articulation, persona, or integrity from a resume especially if it wasn’t written by the candidate in the first place.
It is more important than ever that Truex Métier, a leading staffing and recruiting agency, becomes the emissary to assist our clients in the sourcing and hiring process. If your current recruiting agency feels more like a resume factory, rather than a consulting partner, it may be time to call us at 415-433-6222. You may also reach out to us at  

Our firm can help you turn your suffocating flow of resumes into a stream of positive and qualified candidates.