About the Principals

The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

After receiving her dual BS degrees in Marketing and Finance from U.C. Berkeley, Mary Ann Truex joined a well-known San Francisco based image and corporate design firm.  In 1982, Mary Ann joined a regional staffing company where she quickly became one of the most successful staffing consultants in the Bay Area.

In 1981 she met John Cullens who had spent 15 years in the high tech industry in positions ranging from Engineer to VP of Sales and Marketing for several companies from start-ups to Fortune 500’s before entering the executive search industry in 1978. 

In 1983, John and Mary Ann started Truex Associates which for 16 years was the fastest growing San Francisco and Peninsula staffing company. Truex Associates redefined the industry by not just matching skills but by matching candidate’s strengths and personality with the client’s corporate culture.

In 1998, John and Mary Ann sold their business to a publicly traded staffing company and began working on a new model for the staffing industry.  Mary Ann spent six years studying and doing research in the Positive Psychology field including becoming certified as a life coach by the Applied Neuroscience Institute.

Mary Ann found that while we all have a genetic positivity set point, our positivity level can be improved by a significant amount which is contrary to the belief of psychologists over the last millennium.  We all know that positivity has a direct effect on productivity. Positive employees are more creative, more open to new ideas and more willing to take on increased responsibility. Therefore, if positivity can be improved then productivity and profitability can be improved by hiring positive effective employees.  

The new company, Truex Métier, is based on sourcing candidates who possess high positivity, integrity and character strengths.